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Visit the shop now for our ultra cool sunglasses made from carbon fibre. They’ve gotta be the most lightweight shades in town! While you‘re there, check out our clothing and accessories range, we only print using carbon fibre...Find an eye catching fit to rock your shades with! 

The mini-backpack is perfect for keeping all your travel essentials safe! We add new products weekly, so sign up now to our mailing list now and keep an eye open for the latest J.E updates!

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Designer J


Jewel Eyes is the creation of an ambitious entrepreneur with a passion for fashion. Often called a dreamer, Designer J, known as a creative goal-getter who will go the extra mile to deliver great results. Launching her first fashion product 'Success Shades' after a 10 year career in Sales, Recruitment and Customer Service, Designer J began an amazing journey which is far from over. 

'My brand is for stylish and ambitious trendsetters.’

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On our missions so far we've visited some epic locations and seen some real gems. Our way of spreading the love is to travel with creatives who want to explore the world as much as we do! If you're looking for fun fashion vacay overseas, this experience is perfect for you! From high fashion runway shows to famous city tours, we have a ton of ideas to help you have a trip to remember. 

Check the events calendar to find out where we’re travelling to next! Limited spaces, book fast!

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